Storage Solutions

UK Restoration Auctions are pleased to offer Buyers post auction storage solutions in case they are unable to collect or take delivery of their purchased items immediately.

Please note there is complementary storage offered on all Lots for 21 days after the end of the timed auction the Buyers Lot(s) were in.

The charges for storing a won Lot once paid for are as follows:

  • Vintage Cans, Tins, Pourers, General Automobilia – £1 per month/£0.25p per week
  • Vintage and Enamel Automobilia Signs – £2 per month/£0.50p per week
  • Vintage Petrol Pump Globes – £5 per month/£1.25p per week
  • Unrestored Restored Vintage Petrol Pumps – £10 per month/£2.00p per week
  • Restored Vintage Petrol Pumps – £20 per month/£5.00p per week