Website Functionality

Please find here a list of our top tips for improving your experience on our website,

These are also things to consider when you are setting up your account and when you’re bidding.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to Contact Us or email us at

1) Your username once chosen cannot be changed. Please consider that your username will be displayed in a randomly generated way when bidding. If you wish to remain completely anonymous please choose a username that has no connection to your real name.

2) Please be aware that when bidding it is strongly recommend that you bid with a minimum of 5 seconds to go to avoid disappointment, Depending on your broadband speed your bid may not have time to be executed.

3) Please be aware that depending on whether you use a Mac, PC, Tablet or other mobile device it is recommended that you refresh your page if you’re in any doubt over a Lots current price or end time. There is an RSS Feed running alongside the Lots on the right hand side of the page showing other items and these will update in real time.

4) The “My Bids” Tab in the top menu bar will display Lots that you have previously and currently have placed bids on. Whether you win or unfortunately miss out on the Lot it will keep a record for you. 

5) You can find easily save and find your favourite Lots by adding them to “My Wishlist”. When you’re on a Lot by clicking “Follow this auction & add to Wishlist” not only will you will store the Lot but you will be notified of any changes to that auction.

6) When you are within a Lots listing a you see where it says Winning: “name”. This “name”  for yourself is randomly generated by the software, it may not represent what you submitted to us as your preferred username. 

7) When you are winning a Lot a horizontal green bar within the Lots listing will read “You’re currently the highest bidder!”

8) When you are not winning an auction a horizontal red message bar will read “You’re currently not the highest bidder!”

9) If you place a bid a somebody has previously placed a higher bid a message will be generated within the Lots listing in a horizontal red bar reading “Someone has already placed a higher maximum bid, please bid again to try to win this lot.”  This message will disappear and the message in 8) above will reappear. 

10) When a Lot finishes and you are the highest bidder, a message in a horizontal green bar will read “This Lot has ended. Congratulations! You have won this auction.

11) When a Lot finishes and unfortunately you are not the highest bidder, a message in a red bar will read “This Lot has ended. Unfortunately,  you have not won this auction”

12) When there are no bids on a Lot there will be no message bar in view. The green/red bars outlined above will appear once bidding commences.